1.With black and white marks

  and nest of ants on its skin

  the tree grows taller

  shining through the geometry

  of sun moon and halogen

2.Between virgin curves

  he deep breathes evening mist

  rests in the hollow

  of the mountain listening

  to the rhythm of quiet stream

3. Over the dried moss

  rains have grown new layers

  making the path more

  slippery for all of us

  faling is postscript now

4.Bored with politics

  and news of falling sensex

  he folds the paper

  and flips through the old PLAYBOYs

  to see the nudes seen in youth

5. The lips in her eyes

   and long hours in the mouth--

   no moist secret

   between us to reveal:

   now our backs to each other

6. All her predictions

   would  come true had I paid her

   the fees for writing

   psychic reflections on dreams

   I failed to realise

7. Swirling spiral

   of her skirt spills tides of dream

   and memory:

   I breathe fire in the dance

   forgetting bends and twists

8.  Wrinkles on the skin

    remind me of time's passage

    year by year travelled

    on distances renewing

    spirit and waving goodbye








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abbie's picture

those are all really good. my favorite one is number 5. i love your poems