Jupiter where have you gone

I no longer feel your hands upon my shoulders

The comforting way you say my name

Or the sweet aroma of nectar

A sense of anxiety has infiltrated my calm demeanor

My face betrays all

Those who look upon it will know nothing

They can never see this place as I do

This desolate plane of existence    

Carefully tucked away

Beyond the reach of common man


The only state of being I know

Still I will wait

A day will come

When this place turns

And nothing will stop me from being with you once more

Until then I will remain cold

Dormant in the shell I live

Time cannot stop me

Nor will death catch me

All that is truth remains

Silence upon the grey

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allets's picture

Gray Silence

I think inside myself in gray and it is a wondrous metaphor for being quiet and pensive, waiting. I love this image of solitude. "...Nor will death catch me..." - that's hidden deep and inaccessibly. Every line says death is not a barrier to love. I lost my brother in November and this poem spoke volumes of missing him - Thanks for sharing - Lady A



ProductofFate's picture

Thank You

I am very sorry to hear about your brother, may he rest well. It makes me happy that my poem can invoke such emotions.  Thank you for your comment. It means a great deal to me.