I Am Under Construction!


I am under construction that is what I be, not a Christian per se, but a woman of Spirituality.

I have to say I Am Under Construction!

Under construction that is what I be, not a Christian per se, but a woman of Spirituality.

I have to say for me now a days being what some call the Christian is not what is needed to be, especially when your living so puritanically.

The hypocritical type of Christian, who’s heavenly high that they are no earthly good, and they will do noting to better their poor in the neighborhood’s.

They are going about their own business instead of God’s! Unfortunately, they will not hear HIS word, and all that it is worth, the choose to heap upon themselves the curse of the reprobate mind undoubtedly

They are quick to lie to you and on you, and then be so quick to judge.  And call awful names, and point their fingers and place blame. That is not what Jesus taught the disciples to teach and to do! I wonder if Jesus would say that he is proud of the way they do?

I am under construction, living and being as faithful as I can be, but I am also striving living learning continually growing each day regrettably making some mistakes along the way. I'm continually praying to correct them and place a new heart in me.

Searching to understand the what it is, and why it is that I no longer am wanting to be called a Christian after all what I see. In the churches, temples and synagogues, and people of authority who allow the wrong to continue.

I don’t want to sound as though I am judging too, but what are you going to do when the most of the examples you look up to are not feeding HIS flock, but fleecing them instead?

It is a crying shame, when God is lied on, and they kill in HIS name and call it war. It is plan to see, being called a Christian is not for me. I’d rather be thought of as Spiritually.

I will faithfully continue to keep faith in the Lord, and read HIS word staying with the Holy Spirit to teach me while I am under construction as I am striving for righteousness as much as humanly possibly.

Maybe one day I will yearn to be called a Christian again, but for now I will not be a Christian. Oh yes, I am under construction living holy and spiritually

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I would rather be thought of as a Spiritual woman. Excuse me if this poem appears, as though I am judging, I am not. The eyes and heart take in information and process it. Mine have come up with this poem and now way of life...

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I like this ,I like the idea of not labeling to Christianity.I like the spirituality designation better because we all have spirits,and it is the soul that will lead and the soul leads with the hand of God