Junked The Shell


Junked The Shell
Junked the shell the Comforter comforts as well-
Only the body has gone to hell, to the hell that is the grave-
with grace given to you for the life that you lived, surely
this soul is truly saved.

This soul has been raised when it graduated to on high
rejoice be glad in your mourning spirit for the life that was had hopefully was not always sad...
Now, thankfully there is no more hunger strife worry pain or toil, for only the body not the soul, is going in the soil.

There are sweet memories, which live on too, and you are not what some call dead as long as we keep on remembering and talking to you.
Your sweet spirit now set ultimately free, more alive than alive to me, your spirit is in your new place, to be home on high being watched by HIS watchful grace. Certainly, this is sure to put a smile on your guardian angel’s face!

You have done what we all must do, and we miss the physical you that cannot be touched but a new realm is dawning, this is the fate of us who are blessed to graduate, and junk the shell…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is written that we are to mourn at the coming in, and rejoice at the going out. I do not see death; I see graduation to a better realm... I believe this in my spirit! What about you?

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Interesting perception now I know what you mean when you say one graduates and not a reference to school but maybe in a way it still is but to a pure spiritual school we can attent forever and be joyous in