I Am Encouraged


I’m encouraged, and why shouldn’t I be. Because YOU have never forsaken or abandoned me!

No matter how tough, or long my fight YOU never left my side!

God, YOU have kept YOUR word, kept YOUR word, YOU kept YOUR word!

Hey have you heard God is good, so I am keeping my faith in HIM it’s not hard to do. Don't you know God loves you so?

Have unwavering faith in HIM, that is basically what’s asked of you. The LORD acts upon your faith in HIM, HE knows what to do.

Now you know God is moved by your faith. Oh yes this is so true. I don't think having faith in HIM is too much to ask of you?

Since God is a faith God, faith is what I basically need So, plant this seed, stand back and watch my faith grow! That is why I am encouraged you know!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is written to remind us to be encourage and keep the faith!

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Yes like I said before faith is the strongest thing to get us through all things you prove it over and over in your writings