You're So Sexy And I'm So Hot N' Horny!

You're So fucking Sexy And I'm So Hot and super Horny!!!

You're so fucking sexy, and I'm so damm hot and super horny for your huge wood!!!

You're super sexy baby, you always smell so damm good,

Oooh yes baby your so fine I'm so glad you're mine!!! 

You kiss suck and lick me like you should!!!

You make sexing you so motherfucking good!!!
Oooh baby I love riding your hardness!!!

You know the way to make me want to stay on top too,

awwh shit I love fucking you!!!

I know you want me in your bed, Oooh shit you're gonna love my head!!!

Oh yessss, for you hubby I will spread these fat lips, and  

open wide so you can slip your fingers in deep inside...

Cum on suga find dat G-spot, ya know that G-spot, da one that gets me so fucking hot!!!
Get ta strokin your wet hot stuff umm umm umm!!!

You're Makin me cum so fast and hard!!!

Cum here too!!! This tight ass pussy belongs to you, and nobody but you, and that hard dick is mine too!!!

You flipped my ass on my back, oh shit 

I know you gonna find my hot spot again, because how deep you're in!!!

You know the way to rock my world!!!

When you find it, there is where you wanna, stay...

I want you there night and day, so you can have your pussy always your way...

I love it when you watch me squirt on your dick, face and hand!!!

Oh fuck yeah my hubby you da man!!!

I know you want to move me off this table and put me in our bed!!!

Oooh you love my dome, it will always be so damm good to keep you cummin home...

You won't never ever want to, or have to roam...

For you hubby I will spread your pussy wide, so you can get all that big hard dick inside me...

And I opened it wide, cum!!! cum!!!

Get ta strokin, I love the way you're pokin' this hot wet stuff,

damm we just can't get enough!!!

That's why I'ma keeping your pussy so tight, cause umm umm you tell me I'm so damm good when we turn off the lights,

Ooohh you know how to treat me right, just like you should, because you're always making me feel so damm good!!!

I know you want me in our bed,

Oooh ya love my brain, I'm going to drive your ass insane!!!

For you hubby I will spread these thighs, and open wide to take every drop of ya cum!!!

Fuck me hard, damm get ta strokin this ass, slow or fast???

It is yours to do as you will!!!

Let us make love until we get our fill...

You lick me from head to toe here we go!!!

Rock me baby!!! You know you're rocking my world!!!

Ummmmmmmm! You're going to make me cum!!!
Oooh baby like whoa, take it nice now, nice and slow...

Not too fast, smack this ass!!!

This juicy hot sexin just got to last...

Oooh our sexin is always so fuckin umm umm good!!!

Damm baby, give me all that hardwood...

Push it deep, because when we cum together, and are done,

We will go fast to sleep!!!

I know you want me in our bed, Oooh you're gonna love my super head!!!
For you hubby, I will spread you're pussy wide!!!
Cum on, let's get to strokin cause I love the way ya pokin' your hot and wet stuff!!!

With them smooth and deep thrusts, just right, not too rough!!!

I love you so much we love this stuff...

Come on you're driving me wild, I want to have our child!!! Cum hard I've got the need, dont we gonna breed fucking like this!!!

I love the way you feed!!!

Cum hard and plant your seed!!! 

I'mma going to lick you back, like you licked me!!!

There is nothing like equal reciprocity!!! 
I'mma gonna suck and lick you too!!!

Oooh you tastes so damm good this I knew!!!

 Give you all this hot tongue, damm baby you are so well hung!!!


No stoppin until you cum hard, as hard can be!!!

Hubby, come here, and make love to me!!!
In your arms is where I always want to be!!!

I know you want to get me in our bed, Oooh you gonna love my head!!!

For you hubby this pussy I  will spread and open wide, so you can put your hard self deep  inside!!!
cum on, find that spot!!!

You know the one that makes me cum

and gets me so very fuckin hot

Let's get to strokin!!!
I love you!!! I love you!!! I love you!!!
And I know you love me back, so 
let's hit the fuckin sack!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'll put this note in his briefcase so he can find it, and be ready when he gets home!

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Darryl Jackson's picture

You have more fans than you probably know; For a poetress, you are very balanced in nature, in spirit and soul. Your writings reflect this.
Be Blessed.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

woooooooooooo hot from word goooooooooooo