Our Last Embrace

Through the mist the light shone dim
I slowly caressed your face
Holding you close within my arms
As though it was our last embrace

Kissing the moisture from your lips
Faintly hearing you moan
Running my fingers down your back
Or where ever they may roam

With a passion on fire and a deep desire
To touch every inch of your skin
Squeezing your breast within my hands
Never wanting the moment to end

But there’s more to love then lust or passion
Or having wild sex at night
It’s being there for the one you care
To help when things aren’t right

So what comes to mind is an old folk song
That say’s more then I could
It’s the bridge over trouble water
For there is where we stood

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Note: A friend of mine was going through a divorce and we were standing on a small bridge.

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saiom's picture

a bittersweet poem... Is it

a bittersweet poem...

Is it in any way connected to your name which could be 'bridge ford' (pons bridge)