Everything is Nothing


love, you mean chemicals in your brain,

what a fake empty concept,

invented by man,

nature makes no distinction,

it wants nothing,

it has no goals or ends,

it simply is,

and is not,

it is light that is darkness,

but perhaps those are concepts we also invented

perhaps there is no such thing as darkness,

perhaps there is no such thing as light,

but we only have our eyes to tell us what is real,

outside the mind everything is nothing,

but nothing is still something,

nothing is still a concept of the mind,

and the mind is only a concept of itself;

therefore, the mind is only partially real,

because it is an incomplete concept,

which will never be complete,

because a concept leads to another concept,

which leads to another concept,

an infinite amount of concepts,

you will never reach the first cause,

because it was the last cause,

or maybe there was never a cause to begin with,

and the word cause is only a concept of the limited mind

which is also a concept of itself;

our whole reality is formed by these concepts,

which we never take the time to question,

because we have deemed them unquestionable;

words are the unspoken laws of reality,

taken for granted until defied by the philosopher

who seeks the truth, which cannot be sought,

because the truth is only a concept: incomplete,

therefore, a concept is merely a disappointing contradiction

something that is but also is not,

therefore, our reality is formed by concepts which are contradictions,

therefore, we never can be entirely sure that we actually exist:

we are both living and dying simultaneously:







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KindredSpirit's picture

The question is

Where are the chemicals

And when does the first

Imbalance occur.

Leading to the effort

To rebalance

I never thought to be

A ballerina.


EventHorizon's picture

perhaps they were never meant

perhaps they were never meant to be balanced. Balance is only an interpretation of balance. How can you be sure that anything is "balanced?. Perhaps balance exists only in the mind. 

KindredSpirit's picture

I Slough it off

Like skin.

To refocus again.


AndrewProut's picture

I think, therefor I am.  I

I think, therefor I am.  I don't think philosophy has knocked this down yet.  I don't know.  I only took Philosophy 101.

allets's picture

I took Philosophy 101 - 104

You are right. They never knocked it down. I imagine: the first thinking cells crawling slowly out of the sea as a concept. What was its first thoughts: "Gotta get rid of this water, it's wet and cold and salty. Maybe it will have uses later, watering crops to feed my descendents or to wash their cars and drip off their roofs as rain." Interesting monologue from a glob of cells, no? I think, therfore it is up to future generations to define what I am and whether or not I am real - I'm jus' sayin' :D



EventHorizon's picture

We can't define what we are

We can't define what we are because the definitions are always changing. We care caught in the middle. Our existence is and is not.