* Soothing Words Of Love *

Exotic Love Poems

      It is you that i love to adore

         now and forever ever more

             apply whipped cream

             on your thighes for a

          satifying ride of your life

             you could not deny

         your  mixed nuts  send my

        flower to a wet mist of blist


                  wanting to


             forfill  all of your

          every needs completely as  


       i start to lick a cherry popcile

            to cool  and soothe

                 your body

                just right

                  tonight ,

      Babe you are my ice cream  delight


      feel your chest brushing up  against

      my breast  is what i love the   best .



      Coat your soft  lips    with   maple

        brown  syrup is what   i  love

              to kiss and miss  ,


          Babe will u please  be  all

         mine until the very end of time .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

      I Love  You  
no matter what God   I
wish  that you   could  read this poem then you would
know the truth    about
my real feeling for you

You mean so much to  me
love to spoil you  hold
you cuddle you kiss you
just be next  to   you keeps me so very happy now.  to me you   will all ways  be   loved   and treated   speacil   you deserve the Royal treat
ment and   you   will recieve it. I   didn t realize how important you where when i first lost you but now i do .
Dieing to feel wanted
and loved .by  you   Babe
I am  an outcast  NOW  invisbile  to all   of  the people living   on
this earth  No body
wants me in their life No one loves me For the real me .I know it is a    shame
But it is the  real truth      sad
and depressing is it .

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shawon1982's picture

youhave a lot of work i see. nice collection and nice poems. but in this poen the line gaps are too much. hope yoi will make them correct. that will be easier for the readers. best of luck.

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon