:*( Drowning Into A River Of Heartbreak :*( *

Broken Heart Poems

:*(  I walk to the very edge of the river bank looking  :*(

     so  forward to diving in to meet my death  angel

      real soon on this lonely dark foggy after noon ,

My bitter tears have finally reached their gruesome end ,

I have nothing to fear cause the stress was set to collect.

  My breath will be laid to rest cause my life was   a

  complete mess cause of all of the  painfull  distress .

As my body thrills  down to 0 degrees i freeze in misery

the flesh and bones  are seized dissolved back   into dust

  and mush, i just had enough so caught in the rush .For

a soothing watery grave spoke great peace for me to recieve .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A woman suffering from
a terrible heart break she  felt   completely worthless . Unloved not
Wanted by No One . She
felted like going  to the Nearest   river or Ocean jumping in to it and just drown herself to death She did  not feel
like living no more she
was done with her life
her life was   over. He
ended her happiness That day  He washed it down  the river for ever she will
never ever fall in love
never again she is done
with love . He broke her heart and that is it terrible is it He
did not love her in the
first place she out way too late . after her heartbreak she  died ed
never to ever  return
back to this earth again
so worth the sacrifice
she was so in love in him she ended her life
for him even though he
didnot know about it or care about it . to her
He was  worth    the sacrifice even though it was the death   of her .She chilled by the
river and that was the
very end of her sad :*(

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First off, no one is worthless (thats how I feel). This woman deserves to be held and reassured and this poem made mee realize that, even through my tears!