* Use Less *

            :*(  Useless  for me to believe    :*(

          I live a lie people dont hear my crys at

        night to die is what i look forward to soon


         I cant rest, nothing is best to release

        this  stress that is eatting at my chest

       no otherless  bones break for my  and  as

    why should anybody care to stare at a nobody such

   as be an ugly women indeed to pass judgement upon me

   a pool of blood becomes  my fate and misery    :*(

      My Time limit will discentigrate    As  i leave

       this cold cruel earth with the moths and bugs

     & ravens feasting upon  my rotten flesh of mess .

* Written And Made By GT. Decemember 26, 2005 :*( 3:30 Am  *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Depression is Awfull
what ever u do don't ever let  it get  the
Best of you because once
it does it eats at you
and it can sometimes be
the Death of a lot  of
Wonderful  and  Smart People Get Help Dont Let
Depression Destroy You .

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Cherisse Unger's picture

I can so relate to this when I think of some awful thing that had happen in my life...

Very well written....

Your friend in Christ