* Babe I Love You *

       Words that i long to say to  you  , your

         soft lips that i love to kiss & miss


    For I cant deny or hide my true feelings for you

     wanting to belive  that God sent me a saint to

     impress  and comfront me until the end of time

             A blessing so great to be  untrue


        i had no clue that God  would send me   you

        A n angel so divine and fine to be all  mine

Into your warm &   loving arms is  ,    where I love    to  

because babe I learn to  love and cherish you more every day .

* Written By GT , Decemeber 8, 2005 About True Love 3:35 Am *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about Love
when you have cherish it
cause when it is gone
you become  miserable
believe I know because
I went thru it before .
Longing to spoil you even more Because my feelings are so true for you , I Love you  .

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Trixie Love's picture

It's like the saying goes,
"You don't know what you have,
until you lose it."
That holds so true...

Beautifully penned, Gail...

Trixie :)