* Fourth Of July *

    A wonderfull day to celebrate our country happiness

  pride and rights to our freedom to walk the earth in peace

               cook outs with our family in

                the back yard  dancing and

            singing and swimimg partys full of fun

               fire works and sparklers are lit

             to light up the blue and cloudy skies


         the day the statue of liberty forever stands

        with majestic beauty over our new york harbors

          The day our golden eagles are polished and    

          our flags blow into the winds all day long

  This is the day unity and everyone and creed join all of

                      Gods people to

  work  together to make this country a better place to stay .

      *  Written By GT , July 4, 2005  4:30 pm  *

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Joe Logsdon's picture

I like it...except for one line "rights to our freedom to walk the earth in peace" Not everyone walks the earth in peace. America has gone down the drain if you ask me. There is still a racial problem. And there are still people that think gays shouldn't have the same rights as heterosexual couples. I hate how everyone judges everyone else for every little thing!

I liked the poem, except for that line.