* Steadly Disappearing *

Broken Heart Poems

:*(         I am steady disappearing         :*(

              right in front of you

             if you dont  treasure me

       or show your endless love for me now

  I will permentantly disappear and be  invisible

     to all of the people  of this cold world  .

   * Written By GT , July 2 , 2005     2:20 Am  *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about a
woman that finds her
self invisble to all
of the people of the
world  Have you ever
felt like that ? I hope
and pray that I am
not the only one that
feels like that :*(  .
Terrible isnt it :&( .
she feels like she isnt
loved or cared  about
anyone sometimes it
  makes u feel awfull
sometimes to feel like
this dont you agree .

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fighter4life's picture

I absolutely love this and I can so relate. I wrote something that was kind of like this. But you did a really great job writing this and I know exactly how you feel.

Nediot's picture

I'll tell you what, you only feel invisible when you are NOT seen by those who mean the world to you, otherwise, to you, it never matters weather theyou were something to the world, and nothing to that specific person, and that's what i've been through, and yes, it does CUT you into pieces, and you cant even complain!

i guess i do agree....

and no, u r not the only one!


a Damaged crazy soul