:*( * Ingnored & Unloved * :*(

Broken Heart Poems

:*(          Sometimes i feel just like                  :*(

               taking off and leaving you

                not telling anyone where

              I am going i.d finally be free

               things would be better off

               if i disappeared now  

    ;*(        no body would even miss me                 :*(

           no body even cares about me anyways  ,

  My teardrops fall down and cover the entire ground

    flooding and forming an unruly river bank that

   would grow to be so far beyond my control to stop ,

       Id go to the bus station buy my bus ticket

    two weeks early , board that bus and id  never

             ever come back here ever again

     go to a place so far away that  no one even know

      or indenify me and turn me back into my family .

I can t stop crying some night , because i feel unappericate

   unloved , and ingored  by the one that i love the most

   Sometimes  I just  need to be    hugged,   kissed

  held,  and  cuddled , and touched  and loved   and if

   you cant give this to me than i have no choice but to

find some one new that will give all of these things to me

  endlessly without him not wanting to hesistate about it .

   Written By GT , June 18 , 2005 I wrote this poem when i

was depressed felling unappericated and unloved not wanted .

by anyone Have u ever felt that way ladies I hope that  I

am not the only one going thru this all by myself :*( . now

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem when
i was depressed unloved
and  unappericated   I
hope that i am not the
only one going thru this
right now it is awfull
to feel this way ;&( it
hurts and it is painfull

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fighter4life's picture

Good poem, very well written, you're definitely not the only one who feels that way. If you ever need someone to talk to you can e-mail me. Great job on this.