* Drained *

Broken Heart Poems

           The devil trys his best to drain me

                of all of my natural energy

           leaving me unable  to sleep at nights

     with me   worried and creeping longing to open

       up my  bottle of sleeping that dont even work

              the feeling and dexity running

               thru out my hands and feet

  leaving  me weak and incomplete barely able to think

                       or speak

  ouch i scream as the pain ridcues and robes my body to


be healed or cure with my true blessing that is so divine .

* Written By GT , July 11, 2005 Cant sleep & Wondering Why ? *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about a
woman that cant fall
asleep she cant stop
worrying she is highy
stressed she is a mess
worried about her freind
who is in the hospital
and she tries not to
worry about it but she
is unsuccessfull about it not to worry about it
the devil is trying to
rob her of her natural
santity and happiness .
terrible isnt it :*(

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Tough goings but you're musch tougher that those devlish pumpkins.