* A Guiding Light *

  o :*)              i feel as though          O:*)

                  pope John Paul 2 did

                   a wonderful job he

                     quided all of us

                  Christians under his

                 wings of purity and faith

                  the heavens  raining

                 there tears of joy when

                Pope John Paul 2 entered thru

             the pearly golden gates yesterday

         his train of glory and weloming crew was in

       full spring flower petals covered  his feet

        he  graduated to a new spiritual way of life

       that was blessed to him  all in the begining    

      here his peace and happiness will forever reign

      and to this very day i will see you in heaven  

        my fellow christians until the very end  of

      time where it is the peace will always be mine

       * This poem is all mine , April 22. 2005  *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem i dedicated
to the late John Paul
  the 2 to me he is
forever missed and may
he rest in peace he has
gone on to a much better
place to be with his
lord and savior christ
  it is a beautiful spiritual walk that i
cant wait to take into
the future when the lord
comes back to take me home when it is my time

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Nice tribute gail he would be proud