* Expired *

Broken Heart Poems


                    flash backs of u

                  forever haunt my life

                   your sword leaves

                    a permament scar  

              that will never be expired

    and from it blood and a diease devours  my soul

  leaving me invisible to the eyes of the world ,as my


spirit leaves my horrified body to a revengefull afterlife .

  * This Poem was orginally written by me , April 10. 2005 *


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was orignally
called All Most Expired
because of the way i
was going thru a heart
  ache and painfull situation that lefted me
feelings really sad and
depressed nobody deserves
to get treated like dirt

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Imperial Blake's picture

I really like the visuals I get from this poem. Its a universal subject that can appeal to anyone who has been hurt by someone else. I really enjoyed it.

Payal Bhatia's picture

Lovely! Anyone with a broken heart could feel the depth u specified...And by teh way I must congratulate u on the HUUUUUUGE amount of poems tht u have put up on this website
Gr8 work...Keep it up!