* Love Sucks *

Broken Heart Poems

                    love suxs uck you

                     all of the pain

                 inside i cant desquise

           love suxs, uck you cause we are thru

                   you said you would be

              all mine until the end of time


            our tight bond u destoyed to the nine

        u went a stray and now u have to pay from it  

cause this girl is picking up and moving on forward without u

    *i wrote this poem when i was angrey :*(  *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is about a
terrible relation ship
that went bad so i took
all of my pain from it
and i made it into a song to blow off some of
my anger and steam from
the pain of a terrible
broken heart God he pissed me off badly :*(
there are good days and
   bad days to every   relationship .

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