* Black River *

Broken Heart Poems

            i am drowning into a black river

         sinking all the way down to the bottom

                 no body can come to my

            rescue me , cause it way too late  

     my body heat hits zero, as i lose conceienceness of

my entire body as it sinks down to my watery grave of peace

             * this poem is written by me *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem i wrote it
because i was depressed
and upset about the way
that guys love to hurt
beautiful women like me
it hurts and then they
tells us that it is not
our fault, and nothing
is wroung with us i dont
believe it but i wish
that they would stop
lying to us about that
subject God it hurts :*(

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word_man's picture

would`nt it be nice if we all could just say how we really
feel and let love grow if it`s real and friend ship if it`s not

ron parrish