* Bitter ness *

Broken Heart Poems

              all of this pain & misery

              has finally paid off from


              a terrible relationship that

            left me shattered with pernament

         marks upon my skin that are nonvisible

         to all of the people of this whole world

         , my showering tears forever haunt me


          as i try to rest my tired beady eyes .

       I am a sleep walker destined to walk among

       the midnight , love is a deadly virus that

       poisons  your entire  soul until your body

explodes and the blood oooehs out of your empty  corpse  

as the river of hot water waves sweep me completely under  .


             *  this poem is all mine *          

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Jae Cliff's picture

girl, i totally know where you're coming from. truely heartfelt and emotional. I was picked on as a kid and used and just recently my closest friend became my worst enemy. Its so hard to trust, even love (as a friend) someone as strong as that and have them suddenly drop you and then step on you. just hold up your head and know that theres other people (whether a boy or girl) out there. :)