* Silent Tears *

Broken Heart Poems

                   i can 't stop crying      :*(

                  i cry a river of tears

                  can't eat ,can 't sleep

             as i bury myself into my own pity

                  every day of the week

                   life is cruel when u

                  have no one, to run to


                 u feel empy & un complete

                your emotions are hid from

                 the whole entire world

           some time the pain eats at your soul

              & it completely takes over

             it tells me the world would

        be better off without me not being here


           is that the true ? or is the devil

           trying to claim his victory over me  

          be prepared to shed these silent tears

cause it will take a life time to heal from the power of them

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Ashley Toal's picture

i love this one
i can relate

fighter4life's picture

I like this a lot, I can really relate.