* Loneliness *

Broken Heart Poems

                  i try so hard not

                  to cry but i cant

                  deny that i am so

        miserable being without you not around

       the truth is eating me up inside making it not

      an easy task to completely wipe u  out of my life .


                * this poem is all mine *    



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J R's picture

So honestly written that it is beautiful!

arecreed's picture

hey i really like this.
i think becuz i have felt like this more than once...

you have a very nice gallery.
i just added more poems my self

vanessa's picture

wow!! how sad well I hope u feel better soon and keep up the great work bye.

James Shipman's picture

Wow...Love is as beautiful as it is harsh...this poem shows that...I loved it for it speaks true

I also want to thank you for critiqueing my poem...old as it may be (over a year) it still means something to me...once again, thank you....and may your poetry enlighten the world