* Lost *

Broken Heart Poems

                 I am lost & confused

                 depressed to still

                 be alive i cant move

               on it babe is too tough

                 why did you have to

                 go and leave me all

                        alone ?

                what did i do to deserve

                 all of this pain & hurt ?

               I am so lost there is no hope

                for me now, how can i cope !

           I lost total custody  of everything

          & you drove me to complete insanity   .

  *  I wrote this poem with sadness into it :*( by Me   *


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a poem about
pain And heartache you
feel after a bad real
lationship ended upon a
bad note & you dont know
or why it had to end this way so you cry & cry because you dont know what to do or how
to solve it awfull isnt
it to go thru   :*(   .

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Naushin Sadozai's picture

I can feel all that...its just like describing what a person feels that time:(

passionaterider's picture

So much pain in this... But one day at a time it gets better as the past gets longer... *smile* Brian...

itsmesowhatofit's picture

That's very deep! It is amazing how such little statement can have such a great impact, you are a rare talent!