* Brrr *

Broken Heart Poems

                   Brr I feel the snow

                     & ice freezing

                   every part of my body


                      as a cold chill


                     creeps up into the

                      the tiny holes

                   of my skuft up boots


                   the frozen raindrops

                   feels like  butcher

                   knives tearing thru

                  every part of my skin

               blood pours out of my body as

             it forms a big puddle into the snow

                 your harsh words destory

                   every piece of me

                    my tears roll down

                 off of the side of my face


                    until this woman

                      is no more   .


            *  This poem is one of my favorites   *

                and it is one of my works to  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is about icy
  cold feelings about
  going thru rough sid
uations like harsh con
dions pain & sorrow  tears crying i hate    going thru it but everyone goes thru it .
it is just a part of lif

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justme4him's picture

Gail i really loved, it is great
you put it so professionally
you got to get this published

UNheArD CRiES's picture

this peace is just great
~~~unheard cries~~~