* Used & Abused *

Broken Heart Poems

         you disapear into the midnight hours as  u

   feed endless lies to me when u return back home

        you cant even look me into my eyes

         as you say harsh words back to me


          not for me to not even question

           you on to where you have been ?


            you get so pissed off at me

             that you blacken  my eyes


             bruises and bloody scars

            sink into my ebonie skin

          i scream for some one  to come

            and help me but nobody ever

            comes to rescue me because


  the truth is this girl has finally had enough  .the end


           This poem is dedicated to all  

           of the men and  women that

       used and abused right now that use their

     wives and husbands as human punching bags .


        * this poem is all mine *  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is about women
that have been used and
abused by their boyfreind
this is not love girl s
for your boyfreind to
beat and abuse  walk
away and leave them girls
it is not worth taking
beatings like that from
any man he doesnt love
you for if he did love
you he would not have
the heart to use you
as his own human punching
bag it is not right and
life is too short for
all of all of that crap .

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love the message in this piece.