* Secret Admirer *

                       my secret admirer

             sent to me from a far away distance

             an almond as sweet , as honey cutie


             owns the master key to this beautys



                  heart  as he , walks thru out

              all of my dreams every moon light

             white feathers blownin into his hair


       his poems & word are enticing to  my soul  cause  

        his song  & music lyrics are to music to  ears

    our love will someday change the people of this world .

   * Written by GT JUNE 2, 2005   11:00 PM * COMPUTER LOVE  *



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was origally
Called  Computer Love
but i changed the title
because i didn 't think
it  sounded right that
way . because true love
is out there i know :*)

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teresa_r's picture

This is beautiful i know this
feeling so well.

The Globe's picture

What a lovely write from you as always. Such lovely expressions can only be coming from a lovely person. Wonderful write...

Kris Grula's picture

What a stunning piece...my words would only fail this.Brilliant.