* Slashed Wrist *

Broken Heart Poems

        your hurt ful words cut deep into

        my  soul just like a butcher knife

            I slash each of my wrist

             to get  away from you ,


     because i am not happy being with you .



              * this poem is all mine *






Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is about a
girl that feels hurt
and pain because the
guy that she deeply cares
about is madly in love
with alot of other girls
and one of them is not
her and she feels like
its best to take her self
out of this world because
her life is empty anyway

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Beth J.'s picture

its a powerful poem. short poems can be so strong. i wish you many blessings!! keep writing. beth.

Harriet Lovelace's picture

I like this one. It's one of those short and sweet poems except it't not sweet. Hari