* Crushed *

Broken Heart Poems

         you crushed my broken heart

           that fell onto the floor

        into a million of little pieces

          when you told me that you

           didn't love me anymore

           you might as well took a

          knife and stabbed me into my

          heart until you ripped it out

        and i layed there bleeding to death.

        *  this piece is all mine  *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is a about a woman
going thru a seroius
heartbreak that has
  tore her life up miserably :*( SNIFF .

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Zara's picture

So sad and insightful, and yet beautiful at the same time. Really like the poem.

Daniel P.'s picture

wow...this is so true for what I'm going through right now...I love it...

Misty Lackey's picture

wow, deep poem that explains the hurt and pain of love.
good writing!

deethepoet's picture

Hey very descriptive, good work on this one! :)