* Pain As Deep As The Rain *

Broken Heart Poems

                you told me to go

                and walk down the

                road all alone and

               you didn't see the

               pain that was eating

             me up on the inside i feel

                like i am gonna die

               everytime i shed a tear

              i make a wish upon a star

          tonight wishing that love and happ

         iness will come my way again really soon  .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

  this poem is about
a recent event that
happened into my life
  that has lefted me physically emotionally
and crushed and it is
so very hard for me to
recover from it :*( crying boo hoooo snifff .

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Sassy's picture

Wow....I really like this poem...I wanted to steal it..is it ok with you the author of this poem????lol...well hope it is..cus honestly I really like...saying the truth...some tears came down when I read this peom..it's like..um...well niver mind..cus I just wanna cry now....SO...thanks alot for the poem...

Malova's picture

I really like this poem...my heart very2...nevermind...you wanna need to know..hehehe...

poetatheart's picture

I like this poem. It is powerful.

Daniel P.'s picture

good one...so personal...