* Trials And Tribulations *

Broken Heart Poems

              tears of blood pour down

            and leave bruises upon my face


           my life is a very big disgrace


         i answer my telephone and all that

         i hear is heavy breathing and an

         erie dial tone into the background

     you cut my brakes and slash my tires into

    the midnight, you have put the fright back into

   my life until i give up and let you win this fight for

    when i return back to your side for the second time .

      i  would rather be dead and laying into my grave

      than to be married to you for the rest of my life .


                  THIS POEM IS ALL MINE




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem is about a
young woman which is
being forced to marry
someone that she doesnt
love or want to be with
but the ex doesnt care
about her feelings bascially it is his way
or the high way because
he told her no one else
loves her and she never
be happy with no one else
so she has to get married
to him and that is it .
even thought she doesnt
love him terrible isnt it
and yes it is a real
situation it really did
happen it is a true fact

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Lisa Burnside's picture

you know that's very scary. and i don't think that anyone should feel that way. if you don't like someone, you don't have to stay with them - thats the beauty of the united states. and i believe that EVERYone has a soul mate, it just might take some time to find your own. very sad poem, but i like it. keep up the good writing!