* M&Ms*

                   a tasty choclate

                   treat for me to

                    eat and enjoy

                    candy is so sweet.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

desert snacks are fun
to eat everynow and
then if u know what
i mean peace for now .

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cynthia's picture

Oh now, itsn't that just great. Now, you got me wanting some. Hand them over. lol :oP Just kidding. Great wite Gail. *S* Cynthiar

Smile ... and the world will smile with you. - Author Cynthia Jones

Timeem Taleifeh's picture

mmm crunchy on the outside smooth on the inside. the blue ones are by far the best (even though they all taste the same. The thought of blue food is intruiging:) nice poem and thank you for the wonderful comment about mine. I aim to post more of them on the future and i can tell that you are a lady who loves her poetry! So check back some time maybe i'l end up having a database of poems like you do someday..if only i had the time...*sighs* lol


pkpbc1950's picture

Oh yeah, I love chocolate, too! A cute and "sweet" poem!

zeebi's picture

Mmmmmmm.....My fav are the mini M&M's!!

Karole Johnson's picture

i now have a strong craving for m&ms lolz
keep the works hott