* Raw :*( *

Broken Heart Poems

:*(         Premently scared                       :*(

                 for life  

               when  you are                             :*(

              a  disgrace to

             your  own race                           :*(



            used and abused

   :*(       dead as can be ,                           :*(

    :*(                                                 :*(

             My soul lefted into


          total disbelief   cause         :*(


    grieve  pain  and  misery  was my defeat  .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was Depressed when
I wrote this   ;*(
awfull isnt it to
feel this way when
you feel like you
are useless to the world
and you feel like you
would rather be Dead
than be alive. Death is the
best answer for you :*(

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Stephanie Philbeck's picture

this is a good poem. i know how it's like being abused...when i was little my brother would abuse me and he almost killed me one time he was choking me and everything was spinning around my eyesight was blurry i couldn't breathe so good and when my brother let me go i fell to the floor and when i was falling i could barely feel it.