Broken Heart Poems

              tears flow down my face like a

              river because it hurts so much.

               i long for your sweet touch,

              i hate being all alone, i feel like

              my mind, body, and soul, is drained

              from all of my energy. it is a

              slow and painfull death, i thought

             i would never have to face by myself.


                 * this piece is all mine *

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The ending says it all...very true.

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A terribly rough and ragged path is the path of love.
If only the way could always be smooth for lovers.
I hope the route to happiness is now paved for you.

FM Salphire

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THe worst feeling in the world, is knowing that you have no one there for you. No one to talk to, no shoulder to cry on, all you got is a pencil and a notebook....