* Sharp Daggers *

Broken Heart Poems

                 I never thought you would

                 ever hurt me, like u did we

                 had a stupid little arguement

                 over really nothing it was

                 foolish . and it wasnt even

                 a true fact either, i felt

                 the sharp daggers raking

                 deeply into my heart the

                 lies, the tears rolling down

                 my face like endless raindrops i had

                 no heart left to pick up after

                 you were done with me. it was best

                thing  to leave it all behind us

                and move on in life without each other.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem makes you think
about a certain relation
ship gone wroung it hurts
and tears up your life
forever and believe me
it is hard to move on with your life when that
happens but hearts do heel in time ciao :*O

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Sandy Cowan's picture

Gail, many thanks for leaving your comments on my poem,though some weeks ago (sorry). I've had a good rake through your stuff here and find you with a generally positive and jolly outlook on life. I leave my comments here at this poem, for though it is, by title and and apparent content, less upbeat, it still ends with you saying,

Cecelia C's picture

i dont noe if this really happened to you but if it did trust me, i noe how it feels when after sum1 has broken your heart you never want to love again. or when u fall and u just want 2 lay on the ground all day and never get up. i can relate to this poem.