Broken Heart Poems

                It hit me like a ton

                of heavy bricks all i

                could do was cry a river

                of tears you told me there

                was no use to explain the

                situation. you came home

                got all of your suitcases

                packed all of your clothes

                and shoes and everything u

                 even threw your wedding

                ring at me and told me you

                never ever loved me in the

                first place, then u left me.

                for good and the rumor wasnt

                       even true .

                this poem is all mine    



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Teresa Jacobs's picture

Good poem. Love hurts. The hurt is worth the triumph of a good lover!

ugonna's picture

A flow of the reality
of human relationship
pervades this piece
through its longing
and pain unbound...

Yet, it is hopeful
like an endless
pathway through
green countrysides

Its meatphoric essence
empowers this balladic
rendition from the heart!