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Broken Heart Poems

                  Things havent been  

                  the same since you

                  left my life  a few

                  years ago you are the

                  missing pieces of my

                  puzzle did you know that.

                *  this piece is mine *

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about a speacil
love .for the love of
your life there is a dark
side to all the best relationships the break
ups everyone goes through
them and believe me it
hurts so very much it
makes you want to sit
in your room and cry all
day but you cant do that
you must cheer up and move on it will take time
but your heart will heal.
and u can a new love and
start all over with a fresh prince or princess.
if the realtionship is
too much bad of a shape
for the repairment :*).

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Teresa Jacobs's picture

I feel your pain. It hurts deeply, but you can love again, and probably have. Good poem.

Netta Jack's picture

Short sweet and powerful.

Violet Carolina's picture

been there, felt that

Winnie Kwok's picture

i DEFINITELY understand what you mean... but everything will be A OKAY... i know this sounds cliche, but if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't. :( but yeah... this poem is short, but to the point. very clear... you said everything in 6 lines...