A Fat Guy's Body Image Theories and the Problem of Being Attracted to Smaller Women

by DaddyO


It would be advantageous to everyone if more of us were to see with our intuition, intelligence and "goodness-sensors" rather than with our carnal eyes or genitals.


But I must say, I am guilty of the pre-programmed inclination to find women with less body fat more physically attractive. The hard fact (no pun intended) is that my cock does seem to tingle more with a physically fit woman than with someone who has extra weight on her body.


I don't especially like this fact about myself. I also don't like the fact that I have no desire to have intimate relations with men who flirt with me either. But that is just the way it is.


In my history there have been countless exceptions where I have enjoyed the sexual chemistry, attraction and enjoyment of heavier women (and if this blog entry isn't taken the wrong way, I fully intend on enjoying many more). 


But it has been despite their extra weight, not because of it. In fact, some of my most exciting sexual experiences have been with clinically obese women.


They have always seemed to be more open to experimentation with me, so this doesn't come as a surprise. But I must be honest to myself and say, I would have desired them even more with less weight on their bodies.


Other than the obvious...


I am brainwashed by society's depiction of what "sexy" is supposed to be...

(I am more exhibitionist than voyeur)


...I have contemplated two theories as to why this is this way for me:


Sex Puzzle Theory

The first theory is that I am attracted to smaller women for the same reason most women are attracted to a man with a large penis. Sex actually works better with them! We fit together like puzzle pieces. It is much easier for a man such as myself (5 inch cock on a good day) to penetrate more deeply when my partner has a tiny frame and no extra body weight to get in the way.

In the same way a woman can find deeper penetration with a man with a large penis, I can find deeper penetration with a woman with a smaller and skinnier frame.


Teen Dream Theory

The second theory is even more personal. The smaller woman resembles more the "babygirl"/teen look that I longed for during my formative years (and never was able to interact with sexually when I was that age).



I have more than a good fair share of extra weight on my body too, and thus the temptation to call me a hypocrite is very apparent.


But the saving difference between that and hypocrisy, is that I do not expect women to find me more attractive than they would a more physically fit man. If it happens, great, but I certainly do not expect it or sob over the fact that it isn't the case!



Many women can alter other's perceptions simply with her confidence. Feeling beautiful with who you are regardless of your body weight and finding partners who enjoy your beauty is key. Regardless of whether or not that "beauty" is manifested in self body image or other's vision of your body.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Update: After writing this I'd like to add the "sex puzzle" theory has been disproved. I believe flexibility has a lot more to do with it. I've gained weight since this writing and have had a partner who is a bigger girl, yet the pleasure my penis felt inside her was remarkable and the coital friction caused orgasms unlike any I've ever felt.

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