Sociopaths Are Only Human

by DaddyO


You've Got it Backwards


Writing a blog boasting "I'm only human; everyone makes mistakes" might, in some egomaniacal universe you've created in your mind, feel like you are being true to yourself, but it's a shitty way of being truthful to someone you've hurt.


It does not resemble in the least the offering of a sincere apology. Hell, it doesn't resemble an apology at all!


It's Not Your Suffering We're Trying to Ease


Just so ya know, those "mistakes made due to being human" you've cited are supposed to be offered by those who have been hurt, not by the one who caused the pain. Using it for your own personal excuse is the ugliest form of "defense" I can fathom. It does not even remotely resemble a willingness to accept responsibility. Indeed it shirks it. It also speaks volumes as to how clueless a person can be.


Empathetic or Just Pathetic?


Never feeling regret for a mistake is not a badge of honor. Nope. Sorry. In fact a feeling of regret is what ignites a person's heart providing the attitude to change.


Your lack of empathy is contagious too. Instead of people sympathizing with you, this attitude confirms your cockiness, admits your arrogance, and illuminates your egotistical selfishness.


More importantly it masterfully answers all questions an outsider might have for giving your stories the benefit of the doubt.


Hint: It's the First One


So you honestly don't know which is more honorable between someone owning his mistakes or someone who blames everyone else?


If you can't answer that question, then I don't think I can convince you which one it is.


Regardless where one falls on the learning curve of sociopathic tendencies, it is still important to actually learn.


The moral choice is to learn strategies to help you overcome the sociopathic behaviors.


The immoral choice is attempting to learn to be a better sociopath by publicly listing your sociopathic traits and excusing them with the "only human" defense. Even then you're not learning to be a better sociopath very well, for you're supposed to offer somewhat believable excuses for the behavior.


So Why Do We Even Say "Be True to Yourself"?


"Being true to yourself" is something to help spark change in people who are living their lives based on other people's or society's lies or expectations of them. It is intended to energize them into becoming happier and more diverse elements of our society.


Five Helpful Examples of "Being True to Yourself":


  • 1) The gay man who feels obligated to marry a woman because that's what his parents expect of him, but then chooses to divorce.
  • 2) The person who suppresses their kink because they have been told by people at work that it's shameful, but then decides to be "out" and promote sex positive culture.
  • 3) The woman who grows up in a Catholic family who becomes enlightened and makes the choice to no longer attend mass.
  • 4) The lesbian teens who attend prom together despite being bullied by other classmates.
  • 5) The patriotic NFL athlete who, after 9-11, enlists in the army even though it seems like foolishness to everybody else.


"Being true to one's self" is not intended for self righteous douchebags to use as an excuse for being a self righteous douchebag.


Being true to other people's feelings and comfort through humility and compassion is a much better goal for being a better person.


Humility is Not Humiliating, It's Empowering


Practicing humility is vastly different than "humiliation."


One might even say: "The ability for one to practice true humility by recognizing their mistakes, feeling regret, apologizing, making amends and doing their damnedest to avoid making the mistake again is the most important element in being a good Dom." 

Feel free to post that on your "about me."  And to demonstrate humility, I don't even care whether or not you quote me.

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a rant from 2014 

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