The Right Fit

by Jeph Johnson


A person with size nine feet can walk the rest of his life in a size twelve sandals (and I have seen people do it time and time again). But there are times when they fly off his feet because they were not meant for the same terrain he is walking on.


Flying off when traversing the hot sand is one thing, but OUCH! when climbing a rocky hill!


Perhaps your sandals have been kicked off one too many times too?

Well you don't need to abandon them. In fact, go pick them up and set them aside.


Then search for a pair of shoes or even boots that fit better.

In the meantime, be cautious. Barefoot is okay. Watch where you go and don't step in or on anything harmful.


The amazing size twelves will be there to slip on from time to time. You may have to share them but it isn't like they were a bad pair of sandals, it's that they were just not the right fit for you.


Besides, in order to get a really good foot massage, one cannot have anything on their feet.

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