Please Don't Limit My Capacity to Love Based on Your Capacity to Love!

by Jeph Johnson


Should the decision to love be based on the individual or the relationship?


If someone proclaims monogamy, why is it so important for them to insist on monogamy from their partner too? I know there are exceptions, but this is the general rule.


Likewise, why can't polyamorous people also love monogamous people?


If someone is monogamous, then fine, just love me. If I choose to love them among my other loves, then why do I not have that option?


Is my love for them also based on their love capacity?


If the bumper sticker: "Don't like abortion? then don't have one" ...applies, then why wouldn't the bumper sticker: "Monogamous? then only love one person. But don't try to make me love only you"...apply also (okay, other than it is too long of a phrase for a bumper sticker)? 

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