Fools Rush in

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO

I ascertain that submissives are way more selective in exerting their submission than we Dominants are at giving our gift of domination.


My goal is to be at least as selective in exercising my dominance as submissives are in giving theirs.


It sounds strange, but a very recent realization I have discovered is that the less dominance you grant and the less submission you demand from a submissive, the more submission she wants to give you.


Do not demand submission, receive it!


Herein lies the problem. If this was the case, you could almost go around being passive to everyone and become the best damn Dom in the community! And many of the best Doms in the community are introverted. 


DaddyO the extrovert has a much more difficult time. The extrovert by nature puts everything he does under a self-inflicted microscope. So there obviously has to be a tipping point. And that's where the subtle nuances of aggressor vs. assertive; predator vs. friendly and inviting and cool confidence vs. asshole reside.


So like any other element of BDSM, work within the confines of what you are granted and don't demand anything more.


"Fools rush in..."

To a sub, a Dom who takes things slow and appears to give more thought and care to his actions will seem more attractive than a hasty Dom.


"...where angels fear to tread."

A submissive who asks for a lot of dominance from me from the get go is going to get my attention and seem more attractive than a submissive who takes things slow is.


Be direct and assertive in the dominance you are entrusted with but never expect to be given control over anything.


Act like it, however.


Dom: "Would you like to do this for me?"


Sub: "Yes Sir, I would."


Dom: "Okay someday maybe I will let you." much more effective than...


Dom: "Do this for me, or else!"

(Well, except in erotic fantasy novels) 

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