Hillbilly Smiles

by Jeph Johnson


I regret never knowing that I took her by surprise,
But I bet she'd still be showing me
That look there in her eyes;
That look I mistook for an interested lady,
That smile, for awhile I thought I had it made
She had me in her sights, I wrote her in my song
I waited seven nights then found out she was gone...

Beth, I want her here with me
Oh Beth, I need to have her here to be
Not running away
Just running with me
To the places we'd like to go...

I expected this reaction from a one-night beauty queen,
Never suspected my attraction
Would ignite like kerosene.
That spark, hit the mark, started in me such a fire-
That blaze always stays, when I'm down it takes me higher
Than the time before...
We danced in candlelight
Although I wanted more,
we must settle for one night.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Beth, circa 1996

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To my surprise, I am more

To my surprise, I am more moved by this poem than I would have expected.  It reminds me of a very different, but equally poignant situation, in the song, "Beth," by Kiss.


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