"Agents of Karma"

by Jeph Johnson



agents of karma
follow like bloodhounds
all the good people I know
mistaking my fate
for haphazard rebounds
of sins and misdeeds I've bestowed

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patriciajj's picture

Here's something I can certainly identify with! Don't know what to do with those snarling canines intent on doling out the karma. Great work, very well-written. Pat

stustaub's picture

Been in similar shoes myself. Nothing like having a pack of karma-mutts turn their muzzles in your direction and grin. Very good poem.

Eric Cockrell's picture

what we plant we reap... from lifetime to lifetime... it takes much darkness to forge a single light. eric

Teresa Jacobs's picture

I like this poem. Very simple and yet very effective message. Thanks!

pudnsis1's picture

Jeph, I'm back, like that bad penny. Question: How can an angel as sweet as you leave a trailpf sins and misdeeds. love the penning. Fate? Karma? Whatever? your friend Linda

mizzscarlett's picture

Very poignant. This one makes you think.

karlmcallister's picture

Have you read the lyrics to the Indigo Girls´song "Galileo"? (I think on the rites of passage album.) It's worth a read on this subject.

John Mazur's picture

This is not a good thing is it? Isn't fate and Karma the same thing? Oh, wait. That's the point, isn't it?