"Jesus 2000"

by Jeph Johnson


I sold most of my eternity
and took mortgage on my soul
by trying to find in her a toy
to play with and make whole.
Soon a sincere lunatic,
calling himself "the Lord,"
who had no sleeves up his trick
but eternal life rewards,
took my life with bold pretense
inserting it into
a new life only making sense
while sorting through while skewed;
slanted one direction;
as long as it was "truth."
...a truth defined by non-rejection,
acceptance of his views.
I lived this life of happiness,
blind without second thoughts.
My hands would fumble, prod, caress
and finally get caught.
Cuffed real tight to the bedpost
of sustained virginity.
Holding back more, I suppose,
than just insanity.
Ten years pacified my soul,
but water from the well
dried up as it overflowed
and Heaven became Hell.
My life's now mocked and worthless,
but I know where I stand
Not on "the Rock," but I guess
my hope's to understand

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Wow! this is beautiful..not sure exactly what all it refers to but the wording is great. This is the type of poem you read again and again to try and find the complete meaning. Very nice Jeph.

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a complex systematic progression of ideas