This is wounderful time,

A time that was long awaited.

Day dreaming......

Taking my every waking thought.

Nights were hard to sleep,

Those wounderful thoughts would creep......

Consuming my mind as I would sleep.

What a movie.


That dream is reality.

It has happened to me.

All that I wanted no longer a dream.

The attention,

The kind words,

The love makeing,

Your helping hand,

The caring eye,


The long conversations.

OH! so unreal.


It is....

I got what I asked for.

I am happy,

You will see.

I just have to convince me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i am happy i swear.....lol, lol
this poem is the first of 4 .

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and out
of sight .

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...and i am happy!

one love Corey & co

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I'm glad you found happiness. It's really hard to see past the misery to realize that there is a pot of gold awaiting. I'm glad you had the strength and courage to find it. God bless you.