Broken Promises

I will be there for you.

Will take the kids to the zoo.

See you need some shoes.

I should have known not to belive you.

You showed no time for us,

All you did was fuss.

Everything for your self was a must.

Treating us like dust, Brushing us off.

It's ashame it was so hard for me to see.

Wishing we could be.

I was in up to my knees.

Can't belive it took me so long to see......

You were full of broken promises.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

when you are in love you are totaly blind. wake up my sisters, wake up and take the blind fold off

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poetvg's picture

awesome work
on this poem

Corey Fox's picture

a heartfelt bunch of moments!

one love Corey & co

Karyn Indursky's picture

I've lived through this, only I was one of the children. I couldn't agree with you more about womenn opening their eyes. I wish they wouldn't feel inferior or scared to do something about it. They deserve a lot better and maybe after reading this they will get what they need to get out because he destroys the children with her.