A Past Of Lies

You were told this.


You were told that.

All of it wack.

Never asked me if it was true.

Just assumed it was something I would do.

As the years past, you would say it now and then.

I never knew when.

Didn't even understand why you said the things you did.

Defending myself.

I felt like a kid.

Now I know.........,

Cuz you now told me so.

why would they say such things?

They were sapose to be my friends.

Did you not see what the jellousy-

Slashed Caddi tires,

Tit for tat,

This and that,

Lies and disception.

Did you really want me?

Was it me you wanted to see?

How could you have let this be?

Why din't you have faith in me?

I do not have to ask any more....

I know know why you treated me so bad.

Her and I had no ties (friendship)

But yet!

You belived a past of lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you think you know someone and by suprise they turn your world upside down. and when you love someone you tell them all and open up to them. next thing you know your friend and your man is talking about you. envy is a dangerous thing.... i wish it on no one.

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Shandelle Gabbidon's picture

I really enjoyed reading your poem and I can feel exactly where you're coming from. Keep up the good work! Take care.

poetvg's picture

i know what
you mean to
go thru this
keep writing
into the future .

Corey Fox's picture

true sentiments, good write!

one love Corey & co

Karyn Indursky's picture

The words in this poem are so rhythmic, powerful, and sing song. It called it's own tune all the way through until the end. It's truly a shame when people would rather listen to lies and rumors than embrace the truth. I've dealt with it myself and really it's never fleeting. However, every in awhile we find a true friend and we can have what we've been searching for. I hope you find that special person(s).