Thank You

You have been there For me for as long as I can remember

Year after year

Answearing all of my questions

Helping me with my fears


Drying up my tears


How greatful I am to thee

So many things could have happend to me

You showed me all to many things keeping me under your wings

From time to time I wonderd if you were really there or if you even cared.

My prayers seamd to go unheard


You showed me, showed me you were listening

You heard every word

You knew when to give the things I wanted and needed

Although it was not when or all I asked for you saw fit to give

When I asked fr help you always came through


Now I want to say


I know you know........


You always seam to know befor I say anything

You just have that capabilaty

Buy I will say it anyway

Thank You!!!

Thank You Allah

Thank You

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You have to thank the man upstairs....he is the one in charge.

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i like this one

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It's sweet of you to write a poem of appreciation. Alot of times we take for granted the people in our lives. We expect them to know what we're thinking, feeling, wanting. But let's face it, they're not God. They don't know. We need to tell them; whether it's orally or written or sung. Thank you for promoting it with your heart felt words.