I Love Rainy Days

I sit and relax as the only sound I hear is the soft rainfall outside,

And the only feeling I feel is the cool air hitting my warm body.

This makes me feel unfocused.

For as I think, you are the only thing I really think deeply about.

Nothing else troubles me.

Just the thought of being with you....

And feeling your kiss,

Holding your body close to mine,

Listening to the every beat of your gentle heart...

Reminds me of how we were together earlier.

Then I think, "...how did I ever let you go?..."

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Corie Lynn M.'s picture

I love this poem as well because I also love rainy days,
But most of all I love walking in the rain.
No one can tell that you are crying that way.

Great Write!

poetvg's picture

i love this
poem because
i love rainy
days to :*) .